Industries Served

Altran exceptional reputation has stretched across a wide range of industries. This has enabled us to thrive in any type of economic environment. Some examples of the industries Altran works with are Aerospace, Alternative Energy, Audio Equipment, Gaming, Lighting and Medical.

Altran Corporation has components that are used in instrumentation and equipment that exceeds the most rigorous requirements of the aviation industry. We work alongside some of the top aerospace and defense contractors in the industry providing design and engineering support.

Our designs have been used in x-ray equipment, defibrillators, patient monitoring devices, dental equipment and many more. Altran has played an important role in the development high frequency x-ray machine power generators, blood analyzers, laser instruments and diagnostic equipment.

Alternative Energy
Altran has an obligation to be a key player in helping to develop critical components that are environmentally friendly for alternative energy solutions. We have helped in the design projects for both solar and wind energy solutions. This is cutting edge technology, which makes Altran the perfect fit for your design needs.

Altran Corporation has designed and manufactured audio transformers for numerous major manufacturers of audio equipment. Our transformers and inductors are used on recording studio equipment that Grammy Award winning artists have recorded their music. We are a world leader in the development of cutting edge audio technology. We also have extensive experience in providing transformers that deliver a classic vintage sound of the 1960’s. Whether you are looking for microphone input transformers, output transformers, equalizing inductors or magnetic for your power supply, Altran can be your one stop shop for all of your audio magnetic component needs.

Whether you have a need for transformer in your video arcade units, video slots, electronic dart boards or gaming card machines, Altran is the name you can trust to deliver components unique to the gaming industry. Our components are located in casinos though out the world. Let Altran help your company gain a competitive advantage.

Altran’s long tradition of custom magnetic component design, coupled with working closely with lighting manufactures in both the indoor and outdoor environment has formed a basis for a cooperative approach that has delivered impressive results in new product design. We have developed many products that surpass the industry’s most rigorous cycle-testing in the most severe conditions. Altran transformers can be found in professional sports stadium throughout the United States. Whether your company makes outdoor stadium lighting or low voltage outdoor garden lighting, Altran can design and supply the transformers needed.