Why Buy From Us

Reputation, Experience, Quality, Reliable, Cost Conscience

Whatever your magnetic needs may be, we can provide a cost conscience design, manufacture a reliable component and provide a quality product to meet your timeframe. Altran is the industry leader in custom magnetic products, with a wealth of experience. Our reputation speaks for itself. We have successfully solved design challenges our customers have faced in the past that were crucial for their products success. Looking for a custom solution should not be a burden. Let the engineers at Altran provide you with an advanced design for the cost of an off the shelf magnetic component. Work with a company where “custom” does not mean higher prices.

Altran has been designing and providing transformers for both Fortune 500 companies, startup companies and everything in between for 30 years. Our current customer base includes companies that Altran started with 30 years ago. Altran takes pride in offering all of our customers free design work, as well as free of charge samples.

Altran understands the importance of evolving with technology. We also understand the value of knowledge that has been gained through direct experience. Altran is providing our customers with the latest in technological advances, but not forgetting the design doctrine that made Altran successful. The company has been augmented by some of the most innovative and talented engineers in the transformer industry. We are currently using some of the most ground breaking technology in the industry in our manufacturing and testing process.

Altran takes pride in the fact that we test 100% of the product that is shipped out of our facility. Whether it is manufactured in the offshore facility or in our Crystal Lake plant, our QC team carefully inspects every unit. The dedication to quality has earned Altran top tier supplier status with many of our customers.

Altran designs all of its components using the latest design software. These designs are loaded onto the winding machines and backed up offsite to guarantee repeatability of the components. We guarantee that you will receive the same component every time you place an order.

Cost Conscience
We offer off the shelf pricing on our custom products. We feel it is important to provide our customers with competitive pricing on products that are specifically designed for their assembly. You should be able to use products that are a perfect fit. Give yourself a competitive advantage without sacrificing price. Let our engineers go to work for you today!